Safety Philosophy

We believe Safety and a positive safety culture should be a common core value and a cornerstone of a company’s overall business culture.

In-line with our global management philosophy our employees are our most valuable resource—and no phase of business is more important than their personal safety.

It is our belief that all accidents can be prevented.

The Safety and Health of our employees and clients’ employees is an integral part of everyone’s job from our top executives to our newest recruit.

Our organization is successful because of our hard-working, highly skilled workforce, their general health and safety is our utmost concern.

A collaborative safety team effort such as this, makes our company more effective at being a desired and highly valued resource to our customers.

Our safety program in general is detailed and sophisticated having been developed by seasoned and experienced safety and compliance auditors.

Dimension Energy Services maintains a Comprehensive Corporate Safety Manual which is thousands of pages in length encompassing some 55 plus individual safety modules.

In addition, we have also published a Field Safety Manual which is a condensed version of the Corporate Safety Manual for easy use in the field for our supervisors to reference.

Aside from these two manuals, Dimension Energy Services also generates a safety execution plans for projects, to identify specific safety and compliancy requirements for the projects that we execute.

Finally, Dimension Energy Services also has a Fleet Safety Manual regarding DOT Fleet Operations and driver safety.

Last Recorded Safety Incident
August 2019

Company Account and Consortiums

INS Logo


Membership Number - Dimension Energy Services, LLC (400-185729) This consortium monitors the over-all health and status of our company’s safety program on behalf of its owner clients.



Membership Number - Dimension Energy Services (17288) Substance Abuse Testing Consortium DES runs several different substance abuse programs through this consortium some of which are both Federal and client required programs.


Psychemedics Corporation

Membership Number - Dimension Energy Service (DIMENS) Substance Abuse Testing Consortium DES run substance an additional substance abuse program through this consortium which is client required.

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Dimension Energy Services DES maintains this account to facilitate client required criminal and drivers background checks.